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(3 Questions in 10 mins)


--  An Analysis of China’s 1985 Education Reform Policy

--  An Analysis of China’s Education System: History, Governance, Financing, and Reform

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--  Does Money Matter in Education? A Sociocultural Examination

--  Education Decentralization and China’s Rural Poor

--  Global Citizenship as a Curricular Innovation

--  Higher Education Policy to Internationalize Japan

--  Historical Relativism and Patriarchal Lineage at Camp Deerlake

--  How Japanese Parents Define, Practice, and Prepare their Children for Globalization

--  The Impact of Compulsory English Education in China

--  The Impact of MOOC’s: The Global Rise of Higher Education

--  Japanese Mothers and Educational Choice: Socialization towards Conformity

--  Lopez & Morris: Constructivism vs. Critical Theory

--  Policy Memo for MEXT: Recommendations on English for International Communication

--  Student Development at Columbia College: An Analysis of the Campus Environment

--  U.S.-China Bicultural and Bilingual Education


- Teru Clavel

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