Teru Clavel is a global education specialist with personal, academic, and professional experience in the United States, Japan, and China. She works with parents, educators, and departments of education to form targeted strategies to equip the next generation to lead our increasingly globalizing world.


Over the past 11 years, I have raised my three children in the local public schools of California, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo. I have learned that no school system is perfect, and parents everywhere struggle to fill in the perceived gaps. Ultimately, we have much we can learn from one another as we all share a resolute commitment to our children. Through articles, speaking engagements and consulting for media outlets that include The Japan TimesFinancial TimesCBS and CNBC, I hope to equip parents, educators and children with alternate perspectives to raise our children in our increasingly global and interconnected world. I am currently working on my book Getting Schooled to be published by Simon and Schuster imprint Atria in 2019. Please reach out and stay in touch.


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Teru Clavel & son
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Zhong Fu Hui Kindergarten
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Kogai Primary School in Tokyo Presentation in Japanese about China