Teru Clavel is a global education specialist with personal, academic, and professional experience in the United States, Japan, and China. She works with parents, educators, and departments of education to form targeted strategies to equip the next generation to lead our increasingly globalizing world.

When we increase cross-culture understanding and acceptance we improve how we work, how we learn, and what is possible within our communities, companies, and schools.

What I often find is that organizations are filled with resources that are wildly underutilized. I unlock that potential. My work connects diversity to innovation.

When I work with schools, businesses and parents, I open them up to new possibilities. What I have found is that the exact things that make us unique as individuals, are also what makes us stronger as a whole. More about me…

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Teru Clavel & son
teaching Shanghai migrant children

Zhong Fu Hui Kindergarten
Graduation in Shanghai

Kogai Primary School in Tokyo Presentation in Japanese about China