Teru Clavel is a global education specialist with personal, academic, and professional experience in the United States, Japan, and China. She works with parents, educators, and departments of education to form targeted strategies to equip the next generation to lead our increasingly globalizing world.

Teru Clavel is an education expert, columnist, and sought-after public speaker. Since 2010, she has run her own education consulting practice, advising Chinese, Japanese and globally-minded families on a range of issues that include multiple language acquisition, school choice, and how to enroll their children in U.S. universities. Teru has written columns on education for both The Japan Times and The Financial Times, and she’s made appearances on CBS This Morning, CNBC’s Squawk Box, and Channel NewsAsia. Teru spent a decade raising her family in Asia, and while there she obtained an MA in Comparative International Education from Drexel University. She recently returned to New York with her family. Her book World Class is to be published by Simon and Schuster imprint Atria in September of 2019.

Teru Clavel on
CBS This Morning


Teru Clavel on
CNBC’s Squawk Box

Teru Clavel on
Channel News Asia

Teru Clavel & son
teaching Shanghai migrant children

Zhong Fu Hui Kindergarten
Graduation in Shanghai

Kogai Primary School in Tokyo Presentation in Japanese about China